Jason Delisle: “Federal student loan interest rates: An historical perspective”

Join Radio Higher Ed co-hosts Kathryn Dodge, Alison Griffin, and Elise Scanlon for a conversation with Jason Delisle, Director of the Federal Education Budget Project with the New America Foundation. Mr. Delisle discusses the history of the federal student loan programs, the difference between student loans and home mortgages and the current debate in Congress about the pending rate increase.

Individual Questions:
A historical perspective on federal student loans and an overview of current interest rates. (3:04)
An overview of the current interest rate debate in Congress. (1:16)
Are federal student loans a good deal for borrowers? (2:08)
Are student loans like home mortgages? An examination of the important distinctions. (1:58)
Are interest rates too high and is the government making a profit from increased interest rates? (6:05)
How do we encourage more responsible borrowing by students? (2:46)
An alternative to supporting a 3.4 percent interest rate change: a new proposal for Congress. (5:00)
The best and worst case scenarios for students and families in the interest rate debate. (2:16)
An analysis of the conversation with Mr. Delisle by the co-hosts of Radio Higher Ed. (12:05)


Podcast Intro and Exit music by Won (FLT RSK) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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