Dr. Anthony Carnevale: “Georgetown research: Student loan debt and higher education’s ROI”

Join Radio Higher Ed co-hosts Kathryn Dodge, Alison Griffin and Elise Scanlon for a conversation with Dr. Anthony Carnevale, Director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Dr. Carnevale discusses student loan debt, the relationship between the workforce and higher education, quality in higher education, and the recent report from Senator Harkin on the for-profit sector.

Individual Questions:
Student Loan Debt: Good For Our Society? (1:28)
Developing Employable Outcomes for Students through Academic Programs (7:48)
The Future Relationship Between the Workplace and Higher Education (1:15)
Realities and Challenges of Gainful Employment for Higher Education (8:26)
Implications of Common Core for Higher Education (3:24)
The Most Important Education Policy Development in a Decade (5:20)
The Baldridge Award and Education (2:07)
Can the Public Trust Higher Education? (4:10)
Implications of Senator Harkin’s Report for Higher Education (15:43)
Higher Education Priorities for the next US President (17:34)
Analysis (12:50)


Podcast Intro and Exit music by Won (FLT RSK) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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