Sarah Pingel and Brian Prescott: Principles for Use in Redesigning State Financial Aid

Sarah Pingel from Education Commission of the States (“ECS”) and Brian Prescott from the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (“WICHE”) share the details of a recently released ECS Report on guiding principles for state financial aid redesign: student-centered, goal driven and data informed, timely and flexible and broadly inclusive of student’s educational pathways.

Individual Questions:
TThe impetus behind the Education Commission of the States (“ECS”) Report (2:10)
Concerns about college affordability trigger support for ECS’s work (:26)
The importance of engaging the states in financial aid redesign (1:16)
The demographic trends that are driving the need for changes in financial aid policy (1:07)
States that are aligning state financial aid policy with a new student demographic and their specific needs (1:48)
State initiatives to simplify application processes for financial aid (:54)
A fifty-state website on financial aid redesign and Technical Assistance Awards for states advancing financial aid redesign initiatives (2:11)
ECS support in moving states to their own goals (:51)
Connections between outcomes-based funding and state goals (:40)
Aligning state and federal goals in financial aid policy: the tug of war between appropriations and tuition policy (3:42)
Steering institutional behaviors to better serve student attainment (6:12)
Marrying state merit-based and need-based funding programs (3:48)
Making equity gaps disappear and measuring success (4:15)

Podcast Intro and Exit music by Won (FLT RSK) / CC BY-NC 3.0 Produced in conjunction with the Average Guy Podcast Network

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