The Seven Futures of American Education, Teaching and Learning in a Screen Captured World

Author of, John Sener, discusses the impact of technology enabled learning on American higher education.

Individual Questions:
Education’s irretrievable dependency on digital technologies (:46)
Redefining knowledge, redistribution of access and renegotiating authority in education (2:26)
The powerful combination of digital technology and education’s new found cultural importance (1:21)
What’s next for higher education? Differing perspectives create a muddled picture (5:50)
The shift from providing instruction to producing results accelerates the need for digital technology (2:55)
The role of digital technology in the accountability discussion (2:38)
Promoting new strategies for improving higher education: how to create an equitable education system (2:18)

Podcast Intro and Exit music by Won (FLT RSK) / CC BY-NC 3.0 Produced in conjunction with the Average Guy Podcast Network

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